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  1. Booking - You should book a date and time to take part in your activity by contacting Ultimate Gifts on 01923 681 500, unless a booking has already been made on your behalf, the details of which are set out on your booking confirmation. If you choose to cancel your activity after you have booked, we will do our best to fill your space and avoid supplier cancellation charges, but if we are unable to do so, you may lose the full amount paid for the activity or gift. If the cancellation is due to accident/illness of the voucher holder or death of an immediate family member, it maybe possible to re-arrange your activity/gift on presentation of a medical or death certificate.
  2. The supplier and/or Ultimate Gifts reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the programmed of any activity so long as these do not affect to any material extent the nature and scope of such activity/gift.
  3. Due to the nature of some of the activities, these may be subject to cancellation due to weather conditions or other matters (e.g. mechanical breakdown) beyond the control of the supplier or Ultimate Gifts.
  4. The timing of any activity is given as a guide only and you may be required to wait for your turn along with other members of the public.
  5. In making a booking with the supplier you will be deemed to have accepted the supplier’s terms and conditions of trade and you should note the clauses dealing with cancellation of bookings and limitation of liability. A copy of the supplier’s terms can be obtained from Ultimate Gifts upon request. Any cancellations must be received in writing-and the customer must have written confirmation from ultimate gifts that this has been agreed.
  6. Ultimate Gifts reserves the right to reschedule the timings or location of any activity, possibly at short notice, owing to unavailability of the activity, booking numbers or any other factor beyond the control of Ultimate Gifts.
  7. Ultimate Gifts reserves the right to discontinue an activity or individual supplier at its own discretion and should a suitable alternative be unavailable, you shall be entitled to a full refund of the original voucher price.
  8. Health and Age Requirements Unless otherwise stated in the brochure the minimum age for any activity is 14. You are required to notify the supplier and/or Ultimate Gifts of any relevant medical condition.
  9. Voucher Expiry The voucher must be booked by the expiry date shown on it, if, for any reason, you are unable to redeem the voucher by this date you may extend the period of the voucher by six months by contacting Ultimate Gifts on 01923 681500. There is an administration charge of £25 for this service and if our price for the activity/gift has increased you will be required to pay the difference between this and the original price. There is always a risk that Ultimate Gifts will have changed the supplier for the particular activity/gift, in which case you will be required to redeem your voucher with any newly appointed supplier.
  10. Voucher Exchanges You may exchange the voucher for another activity detailed in the Ultimate Gifts website. A supplement will be payable where the chose activity costs more than the original activity but, where the chosen activity/gift is cheaper, Ultimate Gifts will hold the difference as a credit towards future activities. There is no administration fee for exchanging vouchers.
  11. You have the right to return any goods or vouchers within 7 days of receipt for a full refund. All refunds made after 7 days and within 28 days of receipt will incur a £20 or 20% admin charge (whichever is the greater). Once you or your recipient has redeemed your voucher and booked an experience with an operator you are bound by their terms and conditions. Please make yourself aware of these at the time of booking. All refunds will be made to the person who purchased the voucher and the monies will be refunded directly to the credit/debit card.

    All refunds are processed and take between 5 and 10 working days to show in the purchaser’s account. To request a refund you MUST return your voucher / gift by recorded delivery to Ultimate Gifts, St. Albans AL2 3TW along with a covering letter detailing the reason for your refund request. Please also note that if you buy any personalised plant or food/drink you do not have this cancellation right, as per trading standards.www.direct.gov.uk

  12. Please note refunds for customised goods shall only be made if the gift is proven to be faulty, and it is for management to decide. Statutory Rights: Nothing in these conditions shall affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
  13. We ensure when a plant or bottle of wine leaves our premises it is in perfect condition, we ensure to securely pack any fragile gift, if you have a problem with any live plant or bottle of wine, you can contact the delivery company, If the box is broken do not except the parcel and make a claim against the delivery company - please also contact us for the delivery number. Please note you have 24 hours after delivery to make a claim, we must receive this information in writing.
  14. Contracts (Rights of Third parties) Act 1999. A person not named on face of the voucher has no rights under the contracts rights of third parties act 1999 to enforce any terms of this voucher.
  15. Where some gifts and experience have been custom put together, there may be restrictions in place-Euro Star are only valid on certain dates and times, and only applicable for leisure travel, and must be booked 21 days in advance.
  16. Theatre tickets must be prepaid at least 21 days before show-in order to get the tickets to the recipient.
  17. Hotels are booked by a star rating, and only the room and breakfast is included in the price, all other costs will be incurred by the recipient-their credit card details will be required by the hotel/Chateaux, we can accept no liability for the hotel. When making a booking please give us at least 3 dates in which you wish to book the hotel/Chateaux, we will do our utmost to book one of your preferred dates, however we cannot guarantee this, and we will obtain the nearest available date to the one that you would like. If you want to cancel then a refund will be given less 25.00 within 7 days, unless after 7 days when a 25% charge is applicable, but if Ultimate Gifts has paid our supplier -ferry company/Chateaux full payment will be lost. To change the name on a booking there will be a min charge of £25.00 per name change.
  18. we make every effect to deliver your gift to you on the date you choose, however you must have given us enough notice to supply you, as some goods are from a 3rd party.  If the item has been delayed by the courier you will need to contact them.


To make your booking please contact Ultimate Gifts on 01923 681500 you are advised that where Ultimate Gifts is not designated as the supplier, it has made every effort to ensure that the supplier is a safe and reputable organization. The supplier acts as an independent contractor in providing the activities and is neither employed by nor acting as an agent on behalf of Ultimate Gifts, although Ultimate Gifts has visited many of its supplies it is unable to examine all the equipment or facilities of all of its supplies or to vet their employees.

Consequently Ultimate Gifts cannot accept responsibility for any act or omission or negligence of the supplier nor any other liability arising out of the provision of the activities to you


Although Ultimate Gifts has sought to select highly experienced Suppliers of 'once in a lifetime' experiences, Ultimate Gifts shall not be responsible for the safety standards or the quality or delivery of the experience, or any loss or damage suffered by you whilst participating in the experience for which the Supplier shall be solely responsible.

By purchasing a Ultimate Gifts experience voucher, you acknowledge that the experiences are dependent on certain factors beyond the control of Ultimate Gifts and agree that neither Ultimate Gifts nor any associated Supplier shall be liable for the cancellation or postponement of any experience for reasons beyond its reasonable control including for weather-related reasons, mechanical failure or otherwise. this includes flights, and hotels booked as part of a gift experience

We do not undertake any technical examination of equipment, facilities or services in order to minimize personal risk. If it occurs that mechanical machinery breaks down you should expect reasonable substitutions without notice.

The total liability of Ultimate Gifts for any claim whatsoever in connection with the Ultimate Gifts experience voucher or any experience shall be limited to the price paid for the experience Voucher.

We have tried to ensure that the descriptions and images used on all marketing material are accurate. However, images are intended to give a general idea of the experience described and do not form any contract between the purchaser and / or recipient and Ultimate gifts.

FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CALL 01923 681500 OR Contact us via Our Contact us form

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